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aka  Shaggy

Youtube:   EchoingSammich

Twitter:  hogan_nick 

Currently Playing:  World of Warcraft 

Favorite Zelda Game:  Adventures of Link

Favorite Movie:  Dance Flick

Favorite TV Show:  Game of Thrones



Do you need someone to find the most obscure Youtube videos?  Nick's your guy. Or perhaps you need someone to recommend some cheesy movies for you to watch... Nick's got your back.  Or maybe you just want to watch someone yell at your TV when something ridiculous happens... you're getting the point.  When not doing these things, he can be found playing World of Warcraft or Street Fighter IV.  We ripped his hands from the controller/keyboard/fight stick so that he can help us raise some money for Child's Play Charity.  Make sure you give him lots of encouragement. He's our Adventures of Link guy, and we all know how hard that game is.




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aka  Skaan, double aka Scantron

Youtube:  skannon

Currently Playing:  Skyward Sword

Favorite Zelda Game:  Ocarina of Time

Favorite Movie:  Longshot

Favorite TV Show:  Dollhouse



As an engineer, Justin's always ready to tell us that we're doing something wrong, or explain something that we don't really understand.  When he's not doing those things, he can be found designing awesome airplanes, or giving tech support for Apple products.  It really just depends.  I know what you're thinking: this guy is really impressive. Well we've saved the best for last.  He's a TIME LORD! That's right, he's left his home planet of Galifrey, and has been traveling through time helping raise money for Childs Play Charity in the decades to come.  We should all be honored to have him be a part of our marathon... FOR SCIENCE!




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aka  80's Guy, double aka Sunglasses Guy

Youtube:   cojo722

Twitter:  chrissardinha

Currently Playing:  Halo Anniversary

Favorite Zelda Game:  Ocarina of Time

Favorite Movie:  500 Days of Summer

Favorite TV Show:  Doctor Who


When Chris isn't coming up with crazy ideas on how to rule the world, he can be found with a camera in his hand; filming anything and everything in his path.  As our resident tech guy, he’s the one who put this whole thing together.  He’s also always up to date on the latest TV shows and movies.  Want to know what coming to theaters in 6 months?  You can ask him.  Do you want to know about the latest web series? You can ask him.  All he asks is that you be generous in your donations, and watch us all play Zelda for days. 



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aka  Hands


Currently Playing:  Something on Steam

Favorite Zelda Game:  Wind Waker

Favorite Movie:  Goodfellas

Favorite TV Show:  Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia


What can I say about Zacc?  He's definitely our go to person for all awesome literary references, and to sing the falsetto part of Teenage Dirtbag.  He's also an expert on propane and propane accessories... I'm not kidding.  We managed to transfer that expertise into some serious video gaming talent.  You can also find him organizing D&D games, and enjoying drinks named “The Robot”.  It’s because of all of these skills that we have recruited Zacc to help us raise some money for Childs Play Charity.  If we’re lucky, he may perform his incredible renditions on “In Your Eyes” and “Good Vibrations” for us all to see.  (Who am I kidding, he’ll sing them regardless.)




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aka  Matt Guy


Currently Playing:  Skyward Sword

Favorite Zelda Game:  Ocarina of Time

Favorite Movie:  Ghostbusters

Favorite TV Show:  How I Met Your Mother


Have you ever seen someone play a video game, while watching a YouTube video and listing to music…all at the same time?  Well I have, and Matt’s the guy.  When he’s not doing 25 things at once, he can be found watching movie reviews, and retro gameplay videos.  If you ever need to find that one episode of an obscure TV show you saw ten years ago, Matt will probably remember it.  He’s also our Legend of Zelda player, so give him all of your encouragement because he’s going to need it to beat that game.




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aka  Beard Guy

Youtube:   joncreeden

Currently Playing:  Blades of Steel

Favorite Zelda Game:  A Link to the Past

Favorite Movie:  Glory Daze

Favorite TV Show:  The Simpsons


Every marathon needs an obligatory guitar guy; Jon's ours.  When he's not touring with his trusty guitar (and his trusty chords), he can be found playing awesome NES games like Blades of Steel, and he’s always ready for a quick game of poker, or a few rounds of You Don’t Know Jack.  He’s proficient in the art of playing awesome cover songs from the nineties, as well as many of his own songs. Seeing him play live is quite an experience.  I even heard one time he took of his socks. He's been making a bit of a name for himself lately, and counts fans from sea to shining sea. Maybe if we’re lucky, he’ll play for all of our viewing pleasure.





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aka Happy Drunk

Currently Playing:  Awesome Tetris

Favorite Zelda Game:  Majora’s Mask

Favorite Movie:  The Princess Bride

Favorite TV Show:  Once Upon A Time


We may not have a butcher or a candlestick maker, but all we need is Laura the baker.  If by chance we may run out of ammo, she will always be ready to play upon her piano.  I heard a rumor that she spent a great deal of time in the African desert fending for herself with nothing but a sharp stick and in iPhone.  I’m sure that is totally true and not made up by me in the least.




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aka Atari Guy

Twitter:  DaveLaferriere 

Currently Playing: The Banner Saga

Favorite Zelda Game:  A Link to the Past

Favorite Movie: Once Upon a Time in the West

Favorite TV Show: True Detective



You know that guy that always has a camera wherever he goes, taking pictures of you in embarrassing situations that you hope will not end up on Facebook?  Well Dave IS that guy.  I don’t mean he’s one of them, he’s all of them.  Traveling around with nothing but a camera and a smile, he’s sure to have his finger ready to take that snapshot.  Dave knows better than anyone that you have to adapt to your surroundings if you want to take good photos.  You never know when you’ll have the chance to high-five federal officers while on a bicycle, or when the BBC puts an enormous camera right in from of you blocking your view.  You just have to roll with the punches.



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aka Soupcan

Currently Playing:  Pokemon X

Favorite Zelda Game:  Link's Awakening

Favorite Movie: The Empire Strikes Back

Favorite TV Show: Arrested Development


Mike is a married chemical engineer, and an overall nice guy, His engineering background has given him something of an obsession with perfection, which explains why he played through Ocarina of Time four times in the last month-and-a-half of lead up to Hyrule Hustlers 3, on three different systems. He even wrote his own guide for the Game Cube version that we'll be using, stripped down of any superfluous information, to streamline the process (engineers are obsessed with "streamlining the process").


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aka Tractor Girl, double aka Zelda Queen

Currently Playing:  

Favorite Zelda Game:  Majora's Mask

Favorite Movie: 

Favorite TV Show: 


Returning to us for our third year is year one's breakout star, Tractor Girl.  After spending a year in South Korea being exposed to the mind-boggling APM (that's actions per minute, for those not in the know) of professional Star Craft players, she has agreed to associate herself with Zelda players of... um... questionable skill levels.  But that's okay, because we know that Laura will always be here to bail us out when we fail hard.  



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aka Mr. Sombrero

Currently Playing:  Eve Online

Favorite Zelda Game: Link to the Past

Favorite Movie: Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Favorite TV Show: Supernatural


He cooks, is an archeologist, and speaks French.  Does Francois really need anything else?  Oh wait... he can cook!!  As our resident "Frenchy", he will break into French at random times, prompting much of the team to stare at him blankly.  To be fair, part of that may be because he's frequently and inexplicably dressed up in Mexican atire.  Are you confused yet? so are we.  It's best to experience the baffling awesomness that is Francois in person, or at very least, by watching the stream.